Project Details

Redfern Houses


This Redfern Sandy Recovery and Resiliency project includes construction work at all 9 buildings which includes installation renovation of playgrounds and lighting, structural reinforcement, flood protection, a new resilient building that will house a community center, childcare center, and new electrical, heat and hot water systems, as well as full back-up emergency power generators. Akcel Systems is providing automatic temperature controls for several systems for this project. Project includes controls Roof Top Units, Heat Exchangers, Central Steam Heating Plant, Makeup Air Units, Heating Hot Water Systems, VAV Boxes, etc.


14-56 Beach Channel Dr, Far Rockaway, NY 11691


    • Roof Top Units
    • VAV Boxes
    • Central Steam Heating Plant
    • Makeup Air Units
    • Steam Heat Exchangers Controls
    • Zone Controls

Implemented Solutions